Louis Trichaardt - Homeless - Living on a garage fore court at night.

Pauper Minstrel - Lives in the forest St. Lucia.

Poor, emaciated old lady begging at roadside Pafuri

Daughter of Elder Stefaan left to care for extended family after his death. Izingol- weni

Destitute and desperately ill old man. Soweto.

Destitute and disabled old man begging at Kliptown, Johannesburg.

Disabled and destitute man begging at roadside, George.

Destitute - homeless - literate forest dweller - Knysna

Homeless - pauper - forest dweller - Tsitsikama forest, Eastern Cape Province

Destitute - blind and disabled - homeless old man - Plettenberg Bay

Impoverished old lady - Frog Marsh shanty town - Kliptown, Johannesburg

Homeless old lady lives at roadside, Izingolweni, Kwa Zulu Natal

Village dweller - poor old lady, Bent Mutale Village, Pafuri.

Pastor's elderly mother - Dennilton, Gauteng

Missionary - Grace Khumalo - needy and unable to work - Soweto

Blind and impoverished - Stephen - Weiler's Farm squatter camp

Unemployed - homeless old man - Ellisras - North West Province

Old man begging at Roadside - Dennilton

Old man begging at roadside - Sabie.

Needy old lady at roadside - Jolzini, Kwa Zulu Natal

Elder Stefaan - Needy - now deceased - leaves a destitute family behind - Izingolweni.

Destitute - disabled old man in wheel chair - at roadside - Graaf Reinette

Destitute - desperately ill old man - Ellisra - North West Province

Destitute - starving old man - digging through the filth in garbage hoppers for food - Kliptown, Johannesburg.

Ministry outreach to needy old folks, Weiler's Farm squatter camp.

Outreach to hundreds  of   destitute and suffering

             old folk

For many years we have sought out the poor and destitute aged along our highways and byways and in townships, slums, shanty towns and remote rural villages. Most of these oldies are desperately poor and with little or no income, food, shelter or family support. To them we demonstrate the love of Jesus in practical, hands on ways by providing food, clothing, bibles, blankets and crisis relief funds. By the grace of God we have seen many come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ in their twilight years after we shared the gospel with them. Below are a few photos of some examples of these poor souls. 

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